Another Day Another Dollar

Hi all.  Today was another day at work, and all I can say is:

Thank God Tomorrow is FRIDAY.


Today was an eventful day.  We got a new vending machine.  lol




There was a few wishful thoughts floating around that maybe the machine would actually have something HEALTHY in it.  But…NOPE…the same old junk.  We have Cheetos, Doritos, Cheez-its, a row of the Lance crackers, M&M’s, an assortment of candy bars, 2 types of honey buns, pretzels (which is the healthiest option in there) and light butter popcorn. 



I am REALLY tempted to put a huge note on the machine….begging for at least some healthy options.  We use to have some baked chips in there, and even a Nature Valley Oats and Honey Bar.  Maybe not the best options sometimes, but good in a pinch.  I also believe that the nutrition information for all the products should be posted on the machine.  We have the right to be informed about our food choices before we buy.

We are located right next to a grocery store, but unfortunately we can not leave the premises while on break, and lunch in only 30 measly minutes.  If I am out of healthy items at home, I do try to run into the grocery store before work to buy an apple or some bananas.




About weightwatchingfoodie

Hi, my name is Jamie. I am almost 37, single and really love to cook for my room-mates. Who happen to be my brother and sister. The brother is VERY picky, but the sister is like me and will try almost anything. I am on the quest to lose this weight once and for all.
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