I really hate complaining about work, because for the most part I like my job.  But there is one person, well mainly one person, at my place of work that makes going there hell.  This person is the most asinine person that you will ever meet. 

The bad part is all the customers love him/her.  Always commenting about how great _______ is, but the reality is that s/he is a complete ass to most of his/her co-workers.  There was an episode today where _________ just starting snapping at me…in front of customers.  ARGGHHH.

I really just wanted to come home today, grab a beer, and veg on the couch.  But I am trying my best to avoid drinking “during the week.”


About weightwatchingfoodie

Hi, my name is Jamie. I am almost 37, single and really love to cook for my room-mates. Who happen to be my brother and sister. The brother is VERY picky, but the sister is like me and will try almost anything. I am on the quest to lose this weight once and for all.
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2 Responses to Work…

  1. biz319 says:

    That sucks about work! Hooray for not cracking a few beers though!

  2. 🙂 It was another hard day and really trying to stay away from the beer fridge 😦

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