Awesome Weigh In

Today was an AWESOME weigh in.  After being off-plan since November 19, I loss 5.1  pounds.  I know this is the first week, but I am so happy.  I have been really “good” drinking no alcohol, my only vice is still the iced coffee.

Work was pretty good today, I really like being the activities coordinator…most of the time.  This week I made this:

It’s a Coliseum.

And today I cross-stitched for the first time in 20+ years.  So fun. 

Wow…two posts in 2 days…lets see if I can keep it up.


About weightwatchingfoodie

Hi, my name is Jamie. I am almost 37, single and really love to cook for my room-mates. Who happen to be my brother and sister. The brother is VERY picky, but the sister is like me and will try almost anything. I am on the quest to lose this weight once and for all.
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One Response to Awesome Weigh In

  1. weightwatchersforone says:

    Congrats on the 5 pounds, that is awesome!!! I am trying my best not to drink too because it always hinders my weight loss.

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