It’s Wednesday.

Well, next week my schedule will be changing some. 

I go into work either 1 ½ to 2½ hours earlier depends on the day. So that is going to mess up the schedule I have set now. 

I usually get up eat breakfast, clean, shower, eat lunch and then go to work.  There I have a small snack around 2:30 during my break and then home to eat dinner anywhere from 6:45-7:00 and a snack for later if I have any points left.

So I will have to get my body use to a new schedule. FUN.  But at least I will be getting more hours, which means more money, which means more goodies. lol.


About weightwatchingfoodie

Hi, my name is Jamie. I am almost 37, single and really love to cook for my room-mates. Who happen to be my brother and sister. The brother is VERY picky, but the sister is like me and will try almost anything. I am on the quest to lose this weight once and for all.
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